Dear Beloved Tea Lovers,
We appreciate all your patience and support as we transition The Lilly Studio to our new home in Europe.
Our store will be closed starting April 13th and resume September 4th.
We can't wait to share our NEW store + products with you soon!
Lilly + Team


  • It was absolutely amazing! Lily had prepared such a beautiful presentation. For a moment in time,.you forgot where you were; relished in all the senses and tastes of the incredible combinations of herbs and berries. It was Definitely worth the experience. The Lily Studio is a must!

    Tammy | James Allen

  • "Lilly was absolutely amazing from start to finish. She created an amazing experience for our team, and we can't wait to have her back. She is so knowledgeable and compassionate; it was an honor to learn more about her and from her. I've been loving the teas she left with us! We hope to see her soon!"

    Arlene | James Allen

  • "It was amazing! I enjoyed learning more about tea from Lilly. She was extremely knowledgeable. Her story about why and how she got into wellness and tea hit close to home. I tried out one of her teas right away and it was delicious! "

    Jamaica | James Allen

Beauteaful + Brave

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