• Spilling The Tea with New Teaware

    what can we say...we like pretty things


  • It was absolutely amazing! Lily had prepared such a beautiful presentation. For a moment in time,.you forgot where you were; relished in all the senses and tastes of the incredible combinations of herbs and berries. It was Definitely worth the experience. The Lily Studio is a must!

    Tammy | James Allen

  • "Lilly was absolutely amazing from start to finish. She created an amazing experience for our team, and we can't wait to have her back. She is so knowledgeable and compassionate; it was an honor to learn more about her and from her. I've been loving the teas she left with us! We hope to see her soon!"

    Arlene | James Allen

  • "It was amazing! I enjoyed learning more about tea from Lilly. She was extremely knowledgeable. Her story about why and how she got into wellness and tea hit close to home. I tried out one of her teas right away and it was delicious! "

    Jamaica | James Allen

Beauteaful + Brave

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