Self-Care At The Lilly

Becoming An Alchemist

This journey began a few years ago when my mum became incredibly ill.

Her arthritis had gotten so severe, that it lead me into a desperate and wild search for superfoods, herbs and botanicals to help her.

It was in this dark moment in which I found the true meaning of healing through nature and eventually became a Health & Wellness Coach. Being able to guide my mum and clients into a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle is a beautiful gift and a responsibility I don't take lightly.

Our philosophy is simple. If it's not wellness worthy, it's not going near our family or customers. The Lilly Studio is a haven to recharge your inner battery through premium self-care products. Stop by, say hello and don't forget to keep in touch.

Your new wellness buddy, Lilly

Dive Into The World Of Tea

The Lilly Studio is officially on YouTube (God help us all!)