Rising Together

For every tea purchase made, The Lilly Studio donates soothing tea blends to selected charities and causes.
This Holiday season we are kicking-off with three amazing organizations that are near and dear to our heart.

Select which organization you'd like us to support with your purchase upon check-out.

Thank You for making a difference! - The Lilly Studio

St. Judes Childrens Hospital

Taking care of a loved one in a hospital room is far too familiar. Our heart goes out to parents who are desperately fighting cancer next to their children's bedside 24/7. Our soothing blend, SereniTea, will allow parents to reset and recharge with calming herbs and botanicals so they can take care of their loved ones.

Nurses on the frontline  

Nurses are the new Superheroes. While most of us got the chance to stay at at home and quarantine safely, these brave and wonderful humans constantly put their lives on the line. That is why we are shipping our immune defense tea, ImmuniTea, to Nurses all over the Country!  

Victims of Domestic Violence &
Sexual Harassment

Trauma manifests itself in multiple ways; depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, loss of sleep and a plethora of other side effects and symptoms. While healing takes time and work- we hope to support brave survivors with our positive blend, In Flow, an Ayurvedic blend that promotes mind, body and beauty health.

Nominate An Organization and/or Cause

Is there an organization you're passionate about? We want to hear all about it! Send us a message at hello@thelillystudio.com 

Watch Out Darling

While our products are 100% certified organic and premium high-functioning tea blends- they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.