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1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What inspired you to chase after your dream?

I am a dreamer who promised herself that whenever she dreams of something that she would back it up with concrete actions. I'm currently a product manager at a tech company in Montreal. I chose to go down this path because I am always thinking of cool ideas for products that have a powerful and positive impact on people and I wanted to get the hard skills and experience to know how to bring it to life.

What inspired me to chase after my dream - is a realization that I cannot settle for mediocrity. Thinking of my life and future as a 9 to 5 job and doing something that is not fulfilling or aligned with who I am gives me hives and a real sadness.


Life is beautiful and it is up to us to make the most of it.I am deeply passionate about the power women have but it has been untapped for centuries. The world was not designed for women. Now more and more women are stepping into these previously male dominated industries and I think we're at a pivotal point where we as women have the power to design a world with our own unique experiences and perspectives at its core. 

I want to help them make that happen and I want to design this kind of world as well myself.

2. What does living a balanced lifestyle mean to you? Do you believe that balance truly exists or is it more of a dance?

Living a balanced lifestyle to me means that you have time for the things that matter to you and the priorities and commitments in your life aren't controlling you.

Living a balanced lifestyle is also not allowing one aspect of your life take over and bleed into other areas such as your mental health, physical health, spending time with loved ones, spending time with yourself, and doing things that you love simply because you love it and not because there is a specific outcome you're trying to achieve.

Although I do struggle with living a balanced lifestyle, I know how important it is because stepping away from for example work, and doing other things and putting focus and attention on another area of your life actually also helps all areas of my life.

I do believe balance exists. I think society made us believe that success looks like nonstop working and resting is lazy. It glamourizes the energizer bunny type of worker. It is completely wrong. If you have strong boundaries - I think balance can exist. However, I do understand that at some points in your time you may need to show more and work harder to deliver something - whether it be for your own personal business or job working for someone else. The key is not to allow this type of behavior to dominate.

3. How do you recharge your inner battery when the going gets tough? What have been your biggest struggles during 2020 and how did you overcome it?

It depends on what the struggle is. I love taking showers or baths with music blasting then winding down with a nice cup of warm tea. I've been drinking a lot of sleepy tea to relax myself and have a good night's sleep.

This year more than ever I faced a lot of challenges - from work to my personal life, my physical health and mental health and ALL within the context of a global pandemic.

I am blessed to have a loving family and supporting friends. I. absolutely love finding community and connection with other women entrepreneurs who inspire me every day. I feel a strong sense of solidarity that demonstrates that no success is NOT a lonely path.

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