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  • From Aristocracy to the Masses: How Tea Became a National Obsession in Ireland

      Photo via flickr   Tea, once a luxury reserved for the aristocracy, eventually found its way into the hearts and homes of the Irish people, becoming a national obsession. The journey of tea in Ireland is a captivating tale of social transformation, changing tastes, and the enduring love affai...
  • Prague's Tea Gems: Unveiling Hidden Tea Bars Worth Visiting

      Prague, with its cobblestone streets and medieval charm, is renowned for its vibrant café culture. While the city is often associated with coffee and beer, there is a delightful secret waiting to be discovered by tea enthusiasts. Tucked away in Prague's enchanting corners are hidden tea bars, ...
  • A Match Made in Gastronomy: Discovering the Delights of Tea & Food Pairings

    Tea is not only a delightful beverage on its own but also a versatile companion that can enhance the flavors of various dishes and snacks. Just as wine enthusiasts savor the art of pairing wine with food, tea aficionados can discover a world of culinary experiences by matching different teas with complementary flavors. In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to explore the art of tea and food pairings, unlocking a realm of delightful taste combinations.